Voip application server

Scalable and redundant telephony apps cloud.

The customer provide a unique solution for providing voice applications like trivia games, message board and a “what’s up” like voice application.

The platform included a billing system for outgoing and incoming calls, sip load balancing and voice application servers.

The system was capable of handling hundreds of simultaneous calls, perform billing per call-in and out, DID billing and revenue share.

The application server included functions like multi channel conf rooms, voicemails, forwarding to landline, ring groups, API to external services, voice announcements, multi level IVR, survey, calls broadcast and more.

The platform was based on our VNUM application server product, and designed to be managed mostly by interactive voice menus, the platform allowed the callers/managers to dial via their mobile and manage all the system menus and prompts, they could add users, replace voice prompts, build new menus and much more, all via the phone line.

tags: custom development and integration.