Over the years we gain vast knowledge and experience building, integrating and scaling VOIP platforms.

We took this knowledge, and created the VNUM VOIP application server, originally created to speed up our development process.

The VNUM VOIP application server designed as a scalable core engine with many interfaces to different modules like billing, API, push servers.

The core engine and modules designed in a way that enable them to scale independently and to provide redundancy per service/module.

The system designed as a “carrier  grade” product and its field proven, we have it installed in an MVNO environment, as a fully redundant solution, providing interface to the billing platform for self service like plan status, update their mobile plan and more.

The platform was build in a multi level/domain/tenant in mind so administrator can create sub users(resellers) and they can have their own users.


The following are list of modules that can be added to the core engine: