A combination of different modules and ability to quickly build and integrate new services and modules.

We already having a skeletons for different services that can be integrated into the core engine.
The application server can interact with callers using the IVR module, and route the call to modules like:

  • survey
  • Trivia
  • content based on categories(like songs, lessons), group messaging
  • songs dedication
  • facebook-phone, when you have a main line for “celeb” and he can post a message to his “followers”, including internal message board.
  • Whatsup-phone, open group messaging, where people can join a group, have a main message board with one or many admins and an open message board where every member can post a message(voice), and have a personal mailbox(voicemail module). The module designed to be managed also by phone without any use in 3g/web.