Load balancing

Load balancer server is a very important part of every SIP based project, whether it’s for scaling purpose or for survivability.

We use a SIP load balancer for almost every project and we consider it a part of the core network, we can offer a load balancer solution based on our VNUM product or as a stand alone installation, depend on your needs.


Want to build a custom solution for protecting your SIP environment?

We can build a custom SBC solution that will be integrated with your core network or with other custom services implementing any custom logic that you may think of.

SBC can control and monitor all incoming/outgoing SIP traffic and make realtime decisions whether it’s a valid/allowed traffic and block it and activating alarms.

We can implement a ruleset per user/IP/direction/prefix/time of day/concurrent calls/call attempts/failed registrations and combinations of rulesets.

Look at our hosted sbc project.



Want to create a smart IVR application to your service? Need to expand the functions and usability biond what your platform provides?

We can either create a custom implementation directly on your platform or offer a standalone service based on our VNUM platform.

We have experience in building and integrating IVR applications to different service via web-services. We can collect user info via interaction (DTMF) and query an external services like CRM, payment GW and more.

You can look at our project page and see some project examples.

Voip application server

Mix everything together, IVR, voicemail, queues, call routing and more to one platform.

We can help you build an application server that will handle call routing, voice application integration(either ready apps on your existing platform or a custom build by us) and UI for managing it all.

We can also provide you with a “framework” for integrating existing apps or controlling the call flows from external platform.

The application server can interact with callers using IVR module, or route the call to modules like:

  • External API, the platform will answer the call and “ask” external platform like CRM or a web service how to proceed or what application to run.
  • Generate outgoing calls via API
  • Call recording
  • Call analytics
  • Interact with external services like mail, calendar, text to speech end more

Voip application server


  • Add your PBX click2call function, allow people on your site leave their number and let the PBX call them when your agents are ready, don’t miss a potential customer on your site.
  • CRM integration, dial directly from your CRM, link recorded calls directly to the customer page or popup the customer page when a call from him is answered by an agent.
  • Automatic dialer, generate outgoing calls to your customers automatically, one or many, now or at a specific date/time-frame. It can be an appointment reminder/approval or a promotion message, it can be automated(reading directly from your CRM) or by importing a CSV file. You can also have a detailed report for the call outcome: answered, busy, approved or even key press.
  • Call recording, in case your business needs require call recording, we can help you archive and retrieve them. We can integrate a searching mechanism to help you retrieve and listen to your recording, you can search by date/number/incoming/outgoing etc.
  • Billing, whant to know your call costs? We can implement an internal billing system to your server and allow you to measure call cost per extension/department/provider. In case you have several outgoing provider the billing can help you choose the most cost-effective provider per destination using different methods and with a fail-over option so if one provider failed, the call will be routed via second provider.

we come from the open source world, we believe in transparency, this is why all of our codes and services are based on open sourced languages/applications, this way, you are not tied to our service/codes and you get full documentation and instructions for every product/service you get from us.