Have a project/idea and not sure how to start? Have a problem and not sure where to search for a solution?

Use our vast experience and deep knowledge to get you started fast.

Whether you need a POC (proof of concept) or just a good advice, let us share our knowledge with you, we can help you with design, implement, integrate and debug process.

Our knowledge and experience is not limited only to Voip as a code/protocol only, since we work in so many different domains we gain knowledge and connections to many service providers and products, so even if you want an “of the shelf” solution, or looking for a service provider or technology, we can help with that too.

You can have a look at our projects page for some sample projects and learn in which ways we can assist you.


PBX setup and maintenance:

  • Install the PBX(Asterisk) on your server, physical or virtual.
  • Provide 24/7 support(2nd-3rd level).
  • Configure fax2mail, voicemail, IVR services.
  • Maintenance services like backups, updates, monitoring.


Custom Development

  • Add your PBX click2call function, allow people on your site leave their number and let the PBX call them when your agents are ready, don’t miss a potential customer on your site.
  • CRM integration, dial directly from your CRM, link recorded calls directly to the customer page or popup the customer page when a call from him is answered by an agent.
  • Automatic dialer, generate outgoing calls to your customers automatically, one or many, now or at a specific date/time-frame. It can be an appointment reminder/approval or a promotion message, it can be automated(reading directly from your CRM) or by importing a CSV file. You can also have a detailed report for the call outcome: answered, busy, approved or even key press.
  • Call recording, in case your business needs require call recording, we can help you archive and retrieve them. We can integrate a searching mechanism to help you retrieve and listen to your recording, you can search by date/number/incoming/outgoing etc.
  • Billing, whant to know your call costs? We can implement an internal billing system to your server and allow you to measure call cost per extension/department/provider. In case you have several outgoing provider the billing can help you choose the most cost-effective provider per destination using different methods and with a fail-over option so if one provider failed, the call will be routed via second provider.

we come from the open source world, we believe in transparency, this is why all of our codes and services are based on open sourced languages/applications, this way, you are not tied to our service/codes and you get full documentation and instructions for every product/service you get from us.

Security / penetration

One of the biggest risks for your PBX is call theft, about 5% of the phone calls around the world are from a “stollen lines”, in many scenarios when a PBX is hacked the revenue lost can be thousands(and much more) of dollars.

We have a deep understanding of the VoIP protocol and it’s potential security holes and also some ways that are not even VoIP related(like voicemail or other PBX parameters that can risk your PBX).

Let us help you check your PBX for potential security breach, we can also install some tools to monitor the PBX activity and dynamically block potential attacks.

We can also build a SIP firewall(SBC) to monitor every sip packet coming in and out of the PBX, create profiles, limit calls per hour/day, allow only call from specific IP/device.

Security / penetration