Cloud SBC

The customer provides hosted SBC solution in a cloud, SBC is like a SIP firewall that can block attacks even before they reach the customer network .

The service protect SIP based PBX, by routing remote calls (remote extensions, sip trunks and incoming DID numbers) via the SBC, the calls can be monitored, analyzed and alert on real time.

Subscribes can define a list of rules for every call or sip traffic passing through the SBC to his PBX.

The service enable the customer to open his firewall only to sip-protect service, so his server is always protected behind the sbc.

When a call pass through the SBC, the service is checking the customer rules, and analyze the traffic in real time, blocking every IP that had innormal activity like: to many call attempts per hour, too many failed registration, time of day, prefix, number of concurrent calls etc.

tags: custom development.